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Day Cleaning

We offer day cleaning. Day cleaning is an alternative to traditional nighttime custodial services that have been common among office properties for the past century.1 With cutting cost on electricity as a priority for many businesses, day cleaning is an often-overlooked measure that can cut back on the amount of time a building is in operation and reduce the amount of time lights are on in a building.

Many small office building operate approximately 55 hours per week with ten of those hours (2 hours per day) used on custodial services before and after normal business hours. Often, when buildings are cleaned all lights are turned on for the entire cleaning process and turned off when the cleaning staff leaves. Lights are sometimes left on, however, not only overnight but also throughout the weekends. With day cleaning, the custodial staff can work during regular hours of operation. This helps secure the building at night and avoids having the cleaning staff vulnerable to security concerns at night. With cleaning taking place during regular operating hours, facility lights can be turned off at night, reducing electricity costs. Day cleaning includes green cleaning practices to avoid creating indoor air quality problems since the building will be occupied while cleaning is underway

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